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Crystal Crush is one of the many new releases okeplay777 that we’ve seen from Playson recently. It’s a game that offers unique features and a few rare game types, although lately we’ve seen more and more cluster style games. You don’t get big payouts, so whether it can be that interesting remains to be seen. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth it.

You don’t get regular reels, instead slots with a game area with 61 symbols in it, and which will allow them to make wins through groups of 5 or more matches. You will get some ok features, like the wild feature and bonuses that include multipliers. The prizes are not that high, the best payout cluster only offers 6.4x the spin bet.

Crystal crush online slot features

This is not a standard online slot machine, so the features you will find in it are also more interesting. It starts with a simple wild, which you can use as part of any symbol set. You form your winning combinations in this game by placing matching (and possibly wild) symbols next to each other. A minimum of five is required, before you can get anything from them. The best payouts are for groups of 9+ symbols.

Crystallized icons are present and can be collected as they appear, filling up certain bars. They can also be part of a cluster, if they appear next to it. For every three destroyed symbols you have, there will be a bonus level awarded, out of the available six. Level 1 gives you a 2x multiplier for wins using that color symbol. Level 2 turns 1 to 3 random symbols into wilds.

Level 3 applies a 3x multiplier to wins using that color symbol. Level 4 turns up to six icons into extra wilds. Level 5 awards a 4x multiplier win, if they are of the right color. Finally, with level 6 you get all the crystals and the regular symbols of a certain color turn into wilds.

How to get the best room for online crystal crush slots

When starting to enter the game, the first step that must be done is to track the luck table. The table is called hoko on these 3 tables indicated by three indistinguishable figures in the two sections on the left. All things considered, you can only use feel so you can really bring hockey to the game.

Then, play several times in a row. However, remember not to place large amounts of bets. Just introduce gradually first. If you have done the turn many times, the next step is to do a manual twist. You can stop it like clockwork. Try not to overdo it, ideally two rounds.

When you feel at the hockey table, then do a higher bet. The basic capital that can be given can be 3x as much. Assuming you don’t feel good enough, you should get out and come back immediately. This must be done before the chips run out and fail. If you have played it long enough, you can get a jackpot prize.

Nonetheless, there is no compelling reason to race to make a case. We recommend that you look at the prizes you get so you can determine if there is an extraordinary jackpot. Assuming you are logged in, you can play in the crystal crush online slot. In this segment, players will be taken to a page to get jackpot prizes, especially jackpots that have not been confirmed. However, you should look for rewards as referenced in sync 5 above.